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London’s Premier Professional Photographers

At Blend, we’re professional photographers that are passionate about high quality commercial photography.

With over 20 years of experience in the photography industry, we specialise in premium product photography, fashion photography, clothing photography, jewellery photography and creative still life photography.

Based in our London studio, and shooting all over the UK, we work with many of the UK’s leading brands, as well as businesses of all sizes, to produce high-end, beautiful images that offer real commercial value for great prices.

Over the years, our photographs have appeared in catalogues, magazines, look books, portfolios and e-commerce sites, as well as large-scale exhibitions and billboards.

Some of our Clients

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We work all over the UK, with our studio based in Camden, North London. Whether you’re in a hurry for hundreds of simple product photography shots; or after a professional, creative photography shot by our photographic team, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you get the quality, affordable and professional photographs that you require.

So whether you want to change your current photography supplier, or need photography for the first time, we’d be happy to help.
Please contact us on 020 8454 7202 to discuss your requirements and to find out exactly what Blend studios can do for you.

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Professional Images to Boost Your Business

Many of our clients are repeat visitors to our photographic studio in Camden, North London. We take pride in every job we do and understand that your images need to engage and persuade your customers to invest in your brand. That’s why we’ll never compromise on quality, either on the shoot itself or during the editing process afterwards.Once the image has been captured, we’ll then use our post-production team to professionally retouch your images and in line with your expectations and brand image.

Once the image has been captured, our top post-production team will professionally retouch your images in line with your expectations and brand image.

Jewellery Ring Photography London 07
Jewellery Ring Photography London 03Jewellery Ring Photography London 02Jewellery Ring Photography London 01
Blend Professional Garment Photography_f
Blend Professional Garment Photography_03Blend Professional Garment Photography_02Blend Professional Garment Photography_01
Creative Headphone Photography_f
Creative Headphone Photography_02Creative Headphone Photography_03Creative Headphone Photography_01
Abc123 Creative Clothing Photography_f
Abc123 Creative Clothing Photography_02Abc123 Creative Clothing Photography_01Abc123 Creative Clothing Photography_03
High end Jewellery Photography London 01
High end Jewellery Photography London 03High end Jewellery Photography London 02High end Jewellery Photography London 01
Ted Baker-Asos Photography by Blend Studios London_f
Ted Baker-Asos Photography by Blend Studios London_04Ted Baker-Asos Photography by Blend Studios London_03Ted Baker-Asos Photography by Blend Studios London_02