360 Degree Product Photography in London and UK

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could see “virtually” around your products?

If you’re looking to build an engaging online store, one that will stand out amongst your competitors and essentially create a virtual shopping experience for your customers, Blend has the answer. We are introducing one of our new services 360 photography. 

Sometimes, stills are not always sufficient enough to capture every detail of your product. Many people are put off by the idea of shopping online, opting to buy from stores to see the item in person. This is especially the case with fashion and small detailed jewellery. 

The solution is 360 photography. It’s a technique where your product will slowly spin on a centre axis showing your product from every angle. We then photograph each short rotation, and this is combined to create a looping image of your product spinning. A 360 gives your customers’ confidence in their purchase that they wouldn’t otherwise get from a regular ‘one angle” product shot.

Case Study: We Launch – Cricket Bat manufacturer.

We Launch handed us the task of photographing 3 of their cricket bats, both as 360’s and standard still photographs. Technically, the styling for the still images wasn’t a problem. However, the 360’s were a little bit more complicated. 

For all 360 photography, one of the most important things you need to do is to find the centre point of the product as this is the axis at which it should spin around.  Typically with a product that stands straight, it’s simple to establish that centre point.  However, The curved nature of the cricket bats made it extremely hard to find that axis. With a little bit of subtle tweaking, we managed it. The bats had to be magically clamped in position too, so it rotates smoothly without any swaying and without any visible means of holding it up.

From that point, it’s all about the lighting and post production. Some of our competitors (mentioning no names) will use software to “auto” cut out and retouch. Doing this leaves all the post production work down to a piece of software, which can be detrimental to the quality of the final image. It often produces unsharp images with products that have a glow around them.  On this project, each image was individually cut out and retouched which meant we were able to ensure we retained all the details you would expect.

If you feel like you have a product that would benefit from our superior quality 360’s take us for a spin!