I need my products shot urgently!
Don’t panic – we’re usually able to provide an Express 24hr turn around. It’s best to call our studio as soon as possible, so we can check our availabilities.

Do I have to attend the shoot?
It’s completely up to you! We usually recommend clients who require complex styling or have products which vary in composition to be in attendance for the shoot. Otherwise, you’re welcome to send in your products to us after completing a booking form. Make sure you fill in as much detail and provide quality reference images for us to work by in your form.

How do I send you my products?
You’re welcome to come down to our studio and drop them by, or alternatively send us a courier. Please give us a heads up before sending over a courier, and make sure they have your company name and address before pick-up.

How does the retouching work?
All of our images, unless otherwise asked for by the client, are worked on in-house. Typically, a standard product shot will be placed on a white background and receives a light ‘clean up’. If you’re after something a little more creative – let us know and our retouchers can talk you through the process.

I need my image for large print – is this okay?
Yeswe just need to know how large is large. We’re able to supply image sizes for all application – from web to billboard.

Can you make GIFS for social media?
Of course! We have a lot of experience (and fun) shooting GIFS. If you’re confident in what you’d like your GIF to look like, send over your storyboard and we can discuss how we’ll shoot your idea. Otherwise – let us know your ideas, and we can help create a storyboard with you.

Fashion Shoots 

Can you provide models?
Yes! We work closely alongside agencies, so all we need from you is a detailed description of what you’re looking for. It could be useful to send us a Pintrest board for visual reference of the style and type you’re looking for.

Do you have stylists or Hair & Make Up Artists?
We do – but we’d need a good understanding of the mood and style of your brand before we reach out to a stylist. The best way to do this is using a Pintrest board.

Do you guys shoot on location?
Yes! We’re able to shoot on location. That includes outdoors, studios or in location houses. It’s best to have a chat with us when arranging location shoots.

Do you have any props?
If you’re in need of any specific props, we’d be happy to source them.
However, we don’t store any props within our studio, so please do give us enough time prior to shooting to order any props.