Creative Collaboration

Blend Creatives

An initiative to give back to the creative community by offering a professional studio environment and talented photographers. Whether you make things, visualise things or just have a creative eye, we want to hear from you for our next collaborative project. 

Blend Creatives

Once a month Blend Studios is offering their fully equipped studio and photographers time for creatives looking to build their portfolio and experience. Whatever you do, if you think you can contribute to a creative shoot we want to hear from you. Follow our social media channels for announcements on our next shoot. In the meantime, send us your portfolio using the link below. We review all applicants and will contact you with any shoots that may suit your style/talents. 

Build your portfolio

Ever read you need to have experience for an entry level position? Crazy right… Our aim is to provide you with an opportunity to build your portfolio and experience in a professional environment.


Everyone knows a shoot is never just a one man/women job. If you want to build a crack team of talented indiciduals you may just meet them here. Besides this Blend is always on the look out for fresh talent. 

Not a Penny

This is an initiative to give back to the creative community, not take from it. Our studio and photographers time are completely free of charge. We will always credit you in any shoots posted on our social media.

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