Wolsey. The Blend team supplied a fully stacked service for this leisurewear brand. Ecom Model, Ghost Mannequin and creative we can supply a range of services to meet your brief. Edit gallery


Iris. Ecom fashion for Independent fashion label Iris.  The Blend team for this on-model shoot consisted of the stylist, HMUA and of course our photographer and retouchers. We choose not to use freelancers, who are all in-house – for quality control and consistency reasons. All equipment and lighting are also available without additional fees ready […]

Charli Fashion

Charli Fashion. Cost-effective unrecognisable  on-model fashion photography for a long-standing client of ours, Charli. High quality work and industry-standard workflows mean images are delivered on time and to specifications.  Edit gallery

Apparel Trends-CS

Apparel Trends. “Simple” Ecom on-model images for this online retailer. This demonstrates the quality and standard of our lighting and post-production work that we achieve in all our work. Edit gallery

Davril Jewels

Davril Jewels. Davril, one of our high-end jewellery clients needed images for their website and their marketing collateral. As often is the case, for a large majority of our clients, we shot both product and creative, supplying a fully stacked service. It’s always a pleasure shooting such prestigious jewellery pieces and working with top clients! […]

Alistair Grey

Alistair Grey. Alistair Grey, the premium independent fashion label needed a fully stacked service. We shot model, clothing flats and detail shots for their season’s collection.Photography made easy – all under one roof! Edit gallery

Saint e

Saint E. Saint E, the luxury fashion brand entrusted us with the ecom product shots. As you can see we take care to ensure the simple look great. The details are there to highlight the textures and movement in the fabric and we light the product accordingly.   Edit gallery