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Miller Harris

See how we work with the very talented Black Rabbit agency to shoot their client’s, Miller Harris, perfume and soap collection. 

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Perfume Photography

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Miller Harris are leading us into the new decade with original, authentic perfumes and a strong collection of brand values. Inspired by the coexistence of natural and urban environments, Miller Harris combines fresh and raw ingredients with the many stories and influences of London. The result is a number of fragrances for the modern bohemian, presented as perfumes, soaps, bath & body and candles. They are also notable in recognising the need for change, and have dedicated time and resources to making conscious steps towards making their brand more sustainable – all whilst keeping the sense of luxury their products uphold. Last Christmas saw the return of reusable packaging in the form of silk scarves, which we had the pleasure of shooting for their winter campaign. We admire Miller Harris for their continuous high quality and ethical pioneering, but also for the value they put on creative campaigns and the artists behind them. 

Over the past year Blend have had the pleasure of producing content for Miller Harris’ new launches, with art direction from the agency Black Rabbit. Each shoot brings something different, from a brief of whimsical pinks and purples, to dark shadows and earthy tones. Predominantly we shoot still life images which feature the products amongst beautifully styled sets, all with intricate lighting. Alongside this we have also produced a campaign shoot with a model, and we create numerous GIFs for Instagram. Our work ( particularly our Perfume Photography ) is displayed across their website, social media and in store.

“Miller Harris is a client we value greatly, and we love being able to regularly deliver high quality content to them.”

We always look forwards to shoot days as this means getting to work alongside Black Rabbit; the advertising agency responsible for creating the brief, campaign vision and on-shoot styling. Our teams have worked together on several other projects and thus we have a tight knit relationship – further adding to the quality of work produced. The day is fast paced and energetic, with ideas thrown around the studio from every person on set. Perfected results are always celebrated enthusiastically – driven by a keen eagerness to achieve outstanding images.

Miller Harris is a client we value greatly, and we love being able to regularly deliver high quality content to them. As 2020 marks an important milestone for the brand we can’t wait to create new and exciting content together, as products and fragrances are launched throughout the year.