eCommerce Product Photography

E-commerce Photography by Blend Studios You’ve seen boring ecommerce photos by the bucket-load.  Scroll, product, scroll, product, scroll, yawn.  Want to make yours pop out of the screen? Then you need Blend. In ecommerce, there are many areas where you can slash the budget, but shooting your products isn’t one of them.  Why?  Think of […]

Commercial Photo Studio in London

WELCOME TO BLEND COMMERCIAL PHOTO STUDIO –FOR CREATIVE SHOTS OF ALL KINDS If you’re searching London for a commercial photo studio, here are three reasons to choose Blend. Our team is small, friendly, and adaptable. You can send us your stuff to photograph – or you can attend the shoot and be as fussy as […]

Cosmetic & makeup photography – lighting in product still life photos

Cosmetic Photography

Cosmetic product photography – The secrets of success At Blend, we’ve produced compelling cosmetic product photography for big brands such as The Body Shop and Dove.  Our experienced photographers understand the requirements for a successful cosmetic photography shoot – creating images that sell straight off the page.  Do you want to know their secrets about cosmetic […]

Perfume Bottle Photography in Product Advertising – top tips

Perfume Bottle Photography Scent to sell: effective perfume bottle photography Are you looking for tips on perfume bottle photography?  Blend has photographed some of the world’s most beautiful perfume bottles and our experienced team understands how to distil the product into a perfect image.  Here are our top tips! Why you need to plan your […]

Win With Visuals: The New Business Guide To Your Photography


The New Business Guide to Your Photography New businesses have a lot to think about, but have you stopped to really think about your brand’s visual presence? The photography you choose is one of the most important branding decisions you’ll make for your business — whether that’s online or otherwise. In this guide, you’ll find […]

How Product Imagery Could Be Harming Your Sales (& How To Fix This)

How Product Photography Imagery Could be Harming Your Sales Bad product photography can cost you more than you realise. When we, as consumers, make purchases online, we want to know what we’re buying – but there’s no way of checking out the products for ourselves. Therefore, displaying your products in a way that’s both accurate […]


GARBANZO SNACKS: A CASE STUDY MEET GARBANZOOur lovely friends over at Garbanzo gave us a creative and crunchy brief for the launch of their new wholesome snack range. Alongside with product shots, we sat down and curated ideas for their advertisement campaign. We knew that their theme would tie into health, weight loss and needed […]



Professional Retouching & Why It Increases Sales In creating quality images that sell, It’s vitally important to get the right retouchers on board. It’s a misconception that retouching isn’t as important as the actual taking of the picture. It is. Indeed, in a perfect world, everything would be just fine “out of camera”. Sadly, often […]