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Clothing Photography London

Our professional clothing photography puts the focus squarely on your garments. At Blend, we are passionate about delivering quality clothing photography, helping many high-end brands to bring their garments to life.

Our London-based expert clothing photographers offer a variety of options for your fashion photography requirements. Whether you need the images for online, print, magazines, e-commerce or PR, we’ll ensure we provide quality clothing photography that showcase your products perfectly of real commercial value.

We take great care to make sure each of our clothing photography images are perfect; we steam and carefully style every garment to ensure your garments will always look fantastic. Over the years we have provided top quality commercial clothing photography to a number of premium UK brand names within the fashion industry, including ASOS, Selfridges, TK Maxx, Hobbs and Brand Alley.

For hassle free advice on your clothing photography shoot, please call our studio on 020 8454 7202.

Creative Clothing Photography - Blend Studios

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Styling Your Clothing Photography

The invisible mannequin technique or Ghost mannequin photography technique makes garments appear as if they are being worn by an invisible model. The mannequin is expertly styled and photographed with the clothing, before being removed digitally to leave an outfit that appears hollow, with hoods, cuffs and collars all visible.

This method requires the garment to be laid out and carefully styled on a flat board. The clothes can be arranged to provide images with or without movement.

A detail shot of the garment is often useful to highlight the texture
and any interesting design feature.

You can, of course, have your clothing range photographed on a model in our London studio. Our team can take care of all your fashion photography needs. Please take a look at our fashion photography page for more information.

Invisible Mannequin_Clothing Photography








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We won’t charge you outrageous prices on your clothing photography. We try to keep our costs as competitive as possible and we provide lower costs on larger orders. Please enter your email in the following box and we will send you our rate card.

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Creative Clothing Photography - Blend Studiosf
Creative Clothing Photography - Blend StudiosfCreative Clothing Photography - Blend Studios
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