Clothing photography.

Our professional clothing photographers put the focus squarely on your garments. We are passionate about delivering quality photography, helping many high-end brands showcase their apparel and accessories in the best possible way.

Creative or Catalogue –
Every detail captured perfectly.

Our experienced team of photographers offer a variety of options for your clothing photography. Ghost mannequins, styled flats or creative,  Blend currently produces 1000’s of clothing images for our many happy clients. 

Producing images for online catalogues, website banners look books,  e-commerce or PR, we’ll ensure we provide quality clothing photography that showcases your products perfectly adding real commercial value.

We take great care to make sure your images are perfect; are workflows are second to none, we steam and carefully style every garment to ensure your apparel will always look fantastic.

Over the years we have provided top-quality commercial clothing photography to a number of premium UK brand names within the fashion industry, including ASOS, Selfridges, TK Maxx, Hobbs, Jack Wills and The North Face.

Ghost mannequin.

The invisible mannequin photography or Ghost mannequin photography technique makes garments appear as if they are being worn by an invisible model. The mannequin is expertly styled and photographed with the clothing, before being removed digitally to leave an outfit that appears hollow, with hoods, cuffs and collars all visible.

Ghost Mannequin Photography
Hung Flats Apparel Photographers

Flats and hung.

An alternative method to invisible mannequin photography is to style them flat. This can be done by hanging them, which allows for natural movement to illustrate the fit of a garment (whether it is a loose or slim fit for example), or on a tabletop which can result in a creaseless, sharp finish or controlled movement.

Creative & still life.

As well as the ‘standard’ e-commerce shots, we can also shoot your collection creatively. We love producing creative images, and our still life apparel photography brings an extra element of appeal to your shots. It’s ideal for website banners or social media. As part of our service, we can offer Art direction, prop sourcing and styling.

Creative and Clothing Photography Gallery 1


If you are looking to really sell your collection to customers, detail shots are an essential part of your catalogue shots. Displaying a cropped, close up section of each garment, detail shots brilliantly capture features of the clothes. This could include buttons, inside pockets, fastenings and texture.

360 Product Photography

Need to see every angle?

With 360 photography you can capture every angel and feature of your product. Click below for more information.

360 Product Photography Clothing

Behind the scenes.


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