Creative still-life photography.

Regularly shooting editorial or advertising projects for many top brands we‘re used to handling creative projects of all sizes. We love working on these still life projects and our client base for this type of work is as impressive as our photography.

Imagery that reflects
your brand.

Our creative solutions make your still life photography really stand out. Our creative photographers have over twenty years experience in fashion, magazines and advertising so we have a clear understanding for composition and professional lighting.

We appreciate that your advertising photography plays an important part of selling your product and that you may only have one chance to capture your audience’s imagination. Our still life photographers always ensure that your products look as eye-catching and as appealing as possible. So if you are looking for something that wows your customers and has real impact, then why not get in touch to discuss our services?

Beyond packshots.

Our professional photography team’s combined expertise and experience goes well beyond simple packshots. Our team of creative professional still life photographers can add value to your shots with creative innovation, suitable lighting and experienced art direction.

Based in North London studio, we’re experts at producing creative photography for premier brands. We have an extensive knowledge of adding value to products through photography, and a passion for shooting creatively on above and below the line campaigns.

Our creative team ensure we have solutions to make your still life photography really stand out. Within our fully equipped London studio, our photographers regularly work with premium brands and have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional images that make our clients proud.

We don’t just deliver stills, we can produce video and moving image for your campaign. If you are looking for something a little different, visit our GIF & Animated Stills page or if you need video services to engage your audiences, visit our Video page.

Types of photography.


Still life

Giving you complete creative freedom over styling, lighting and framing, Still Life photography allows your brand’s image and products to really make an impact.

Bespoke Creative Photography

Flat lay

Jump on the trend of knolling and design clean, beautifully laid out images that will look perfect on your instagram page. Add a quirky theme and bright colour palette to undoubtedly stand out.


Room sets

Perfect for furniture or home accessories, creating room sets can provide beautiful visuals for your customers to envision their dream home.


Want to work together?

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