E-commerce Photography by Blend Studios

You’ve seen boring ecommerce photos by the bucket-load.  Scroll, product, scroll, product, scroll, yawn.  Want to make yours pop out of the screen?

Then you need Blend.

In ecommerce, there are many areas where you can slash the budget, but shooting your products isn’t one of them.  Why?  Think of DIY product photography, homemade GIFs, your mate’s Insta: if it’s amateur, you can tell.  While that’s charming for a start-up or a social entrepreneur, in the big league you’ll want to invest in your product.  Photography is the surest way to give your website a professional look – so it’s probably time to give yours an upgrade.

We’ve produced exquisite ecommerce photographs for brands including The Body Shop, Debenhams, and ASOS.  Our small team offers the full service, from styling to retouching – from our luxury photography studio in North London.

Luxury ecommerce product photography

Taking a product shot is just one slice of the process.  Here’s what else we do:

  • Work closely with you to understand your brand image
  • Book models (if relevant) who appeal to your audience profile
  • Suggest a setting, if you don’t want to use the studio
  • Bring in a stylist (if required) with expertise of your demographic
  • Unpackage, stage, and light your products (with your supervision, if you’d like to come)
  • Retouch your ecommerce photos to enhance details and effects
  • Add creative flourishes, if you like
  • Help you to storyboard GIFs for your social media
  • Shoot and produce professional GIFs of your ecommerce photos

Planning an ecommerce product photography shoot

  1. Make a comprehensive plan – first catalogue the products that you want us to photograph.  Next, listing the details for each product is essential.  Before you arrive at the studio, assess each product and write down the angles and details that should be captured.  Does your customer need to see the reverse, the inside, any details on the sleeve/package/lid, buttons, or variations?  The day will run more smoothly if you’re armed with a list to tick.   Pack up your products for travel or despatch.
  2. Relax. You’ll enjoy attending an ecommerce shoot at the Blend studio. Our ecommerce photographers are friendly and highly experienced.  They’ll direct your shoot and check all the details – resulting in professional, high-res ecommerce photos that you’ll be able to upload directly.
  3. A consistent background and lighting scheme gives your ecommerce photos a cohesive look. Before starting your shoot, the photographer will set up a bespoke lighting plan to highlight every detail. This will also help to ensure colour accuracy – which is absolutely vital if you’re selling online.
  4. Ecommerce photography can be beautiful: as well as the shop-shelf ecommerce product photos, you might want to commission additional creative imagery – for front-page web banners or social graphics. These photographs are less about detail and more about mood. This is where a thoughtful brief and styling notes come into play.  The more you can tell us about your brand and customer profile, the better photographs we can create for you.  (Your in-house Pinterest boards make a good starting point.  Ask your designers or team members to help add to your inspiration boards.)
  5. Clothing product photography for ecommerce can be done through a fashion shoot, or we can simply shoot products without models. Maybe you need both. Give us a call to talk about the options for your clothing line.
  6. What makes a good GIF? It doesn’t have to be daft. A GIF can be something as simple as a jacket being removed to show the blouse underneath; two models relaxing in your clothing behind the scenes; a reusable cup in different settings to represent its day (squash court, office, car); or a ring box being opened.  We have loads of ideas to help you create a fantastic series of GIFs that bring your products to life.  In social media, a GIF or video will attract more views every time – as content becomes more and more interactive.  As always, just pick up the phone to talk to one of our ecommerce photographers.

Ecommerce product photography and photos made simple

Did you know?… you don’t have to attend your ecommerce photography shoot.  Despatch your products via courier and we will unpack, shoot and return them.  This is helpful for clients with a lot of new updates, especially after the initial shoot of the season.  It’s also a great option if your company is based outside London.  We’ve worked with a global clientele.

If you want to give us a trial, ask for the rate card.  You can brief us by telephone and we’ll plan your shoot.  We’re confident that our sleek, gorgeous ecommerce photographs will give you an impressive ROI.  Ready to commission some luxury visuals by Blend?  Get in touch.