Clothing Photography


How do you want your items shot? (this part’s important)

First and foremost, the style of photography you require needs establishing. The options that are available for your “product” clothing photography would be either “Flat” shots or Invisible Mannequin.

During the initial consultation and discussions (briefing stage), we will ask you the questions necessary for us to determine which route you’d like to take. We have vast experience in shooting this type of photography and can advise if required. Alternatively, if you’ve already got a “style” guide, we will follow this to achieve constancy with your current imagery.

It’s essential to get as much information as possible before the shoot so that the process runs as smooth as butter – from brief to delivery.

At this stage, we will also ask you when you need the shoot to take place and “pencil” the time into our schedule.

Confirming Costs

Once we have all the information for the shoot, we’ll confirm the price.

We are incredibly transparent, and we won’t spring any last-minute surprises on you regarding the costs. For the majority of clothing photography jobs, we charge on a per-image basis.

*We would consider some form of discounts for large orders or contracted work.

Please get in touch and ask for our rate cards to discover our competitive rates!

Fill out our briefing sheet

Here at Blend, we’ve implemented an online briefing questionnaire form. This form helps to document what is required which our team follow while undertaking your clothing photography project.  

Don’t worry; it’s not a complicated or lengthy form – it just helps everyone understand what we need to do.

Book it in!

Got a deadline looming – No problem.

As a flexible, “can-do” studio, we often can accommodate last-minute jobs and will do what we can to accommodate your tight deadlines. However, due to our workflow, we would prefer to have at least a weeks notice to book in your project. Once we have received the booking form, the date will be confirmed. 

Send em’ over!

The garments need to be here ideally the day before the shoot – or earlier. We will check your clothing garments and hang them on our rails ready to be prepped for the upcoming shoot.

Preparation is key - steaming & ironing

Admittedly, not the most glamorous part of the job, but very important all the same.

As part of our service, we use our professional-grade steamers, an ironing board to ensure your garments are crease-free and looking perfect for the shoot. You’ll be happy to know that we certainly would never consider undertaking any clothing photography without this.

We do what we do best - Our photographers get to work.

It’s that time when we need to start the ‘real’ work. Our full-time, experienced clothing photographers will follow the brief and start shooting. To maintain our high standards, we never use freelance resources, unlike our competitors. This maintains consistency for when we undertake further projects with yourself or your brand.

Post-production - Our wizards and wizardess’s get to work.

Next, our post-production department works its magic. The images are cut-out and worked on to ensure they meet our high-quality standards and deliver the photos you expect. All photos are colour checked, and that the shape (silhouette) is looking natural or to match references given.

We can deliver your image at the digital size you require and on a background of your choosing, which tends to be white. It’s your choice.

Your turn to review - Tell us what you think!

We upload your (lightly watermarked) clothing photography and send you a link for you to review and make comments if necessary. We are positive you will be happy, but occasionally you might have some feedback. Your actionable remarks are turned around in 24 hours.

Our regular service is four working days from the date of shooting to you receiving the shots for review. 


Of course you will be delighted with our work. So when you have confirmed you are happy, we will invoice you. On receipt of payment, we will release the full resolution un-watermarked shots and mark the job as complete.

Not working for you? We’re a flexible bunch

The above is our standard working procedure. However, as a small flexible, friendly bunch, we pride ourselves on how we can deliver quality photography on budget and on time. If you would prefer for us to work slightly differently to the above, please let us know, and we will endeavour to help.