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As an established, experienced and versatile fashion photography company, we are the studio of choice for many prominent fashion labels and retail brands.

Whether you have a “simple” Ecom model shoot for your online catalogue or want something a little more creative, we can help.

Based in the heart of London, our highly skilled professional staff get commissioned daily to produce editorial, catalogue, e-commerce and look books. So if you are looking for a trouble-free first class service from a fashion photography studio that cares, then you’re in good hands.

“Is your old supplier letting
you down or and are you looking for a
new professional fashion studio?”

We are a small friendly team with a significant customer base. Some of our happy clients include UK fashion labels such as ASOS, Selfridges, Ted Baker and Jack Wills. Over the years we have established ourselves within the industry with proven results which have built our reputation as London’s premier photographers.

If you have an upcoming fashion project that you’d like to discuss,
please contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling our friendly team on 0208 454 7202.

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On-model photography.

Rest assured we’re well equipped and fully prepared for your shoots. We can supply everything you need, from photographer, digital operator, stylist, model, hair and make-up through to set designers.

Of course, photography isn’t where it all ends. Your images are sent to our post-production department who have the skills to put the finishing touches (whatever that may be) on your final images.

As well as producing amazing images, we try to make your fashion photography experience as smooth as possible.
As passionate as we are, we’re equally as professional in supplying fashion photography that stands out.

Please feel free to get in touch for further details.

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We won’t charge you outrageous prices on your fashion photography. We try to keep our costs as competitive as possible and we provide lower costs on larger orders. Please enter your email in the following box and we will send you our rate card.

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A Quick Guide to Booking a Fashion Photography Shoot

Fashion photography is such a broad term that can range between e-commerce shoots in our London studio, to stunning locations in vast open spaces. We know it’s difficult deciding on the visual direction of your shoot, especially when it feels there are infinite avenues to discover. We’ve created a short guide to help you schedule the perfect shoot.

Before you begin to think about booking models, locations and creating mood-boards- ensure you are tailoring your shoot around the product you are selling, while maintaining your brand image. Although this may seem like stating the obvious, we’ve seen the common error of fashion shoots that often centre around everything except the product itself as the attractive selling point. (For example, if your selling point is a new range of footwear, you should consider avoiding any styling that distracts attention from the shoes. Communicating this information in a brief is essential to your stylist who will know the type of garments that will compliment your product, rather than clash or avert audience attention).

Of course, there are instances where a product isn’t required to appear on the set, but instead, the subject depicts the mood and tone of the brand, which is highly effective in the context of an advertising campaign photo shoot. Most high-end fragrance shoots will not feature the perfume itself, but instead, use models to convey their chosen brand message for this particular product release. This point leads us to the importance of deciphering the type of fashion photography you need according to the platform of its publication.

Fashion Photography for Social media content – Content Creation

Instagram users are more likely to engage with posts featuring people, rather than just product. Use this platform as a space to voice a more humble brand personality. It’s essential to pay attention to the models you’re using on these shoots. When casting models, you should ask yourself whether the face of your subject is representative of your general target audience. Location shoots based in the city or suburban areas are most suited for social media content. Our photography team is well equipped to shoot in outdoor spaces, and with our London based studio- we’re never too far away from a fantastic location.

(Pro tip: Be cautious of shooting on private properties! Scout your location and research the area before planning a shoot.)

Website Content

As a potential client, the first image to view on a website should be the most captivating. Editorial fashion photography shoots should feature across banner shots or landing page images. These visuals should completely embody the brand, helping to eventually create brand recognition to your audience by conforming to consistent themes in styling, colour palettes, distinctive poses and lighting.

It’s especially important to create a clear and informative mood-board for these particular shoots. This means keeping consistency in theme across all subheadings on the board. Our blog post on “why mood-boards are essential” is a worthwhile read for anybody unfamiliar with the free online tools available to aid in organising inspiration for their shoot.


E-commerce imagery is crucial on your website and should focus solely on the product for sale. This is why it’s so common to see e-commerce fashion photography against clean, plain backgrounds. We tend to steer away from merely flooding a white backdrop with light as this “cheapens” the shot, creating an amateur piece of work. Shadows play a vital role in altering the style of image you’d like. Dark, short shadows caused by bursts of hard light directly behind the photographer (similar to the photography we see on American Apparel) works well for brands producing merchandise for youthful audiences. Alternatively, softer shadows that feather around the models face tend to complement more sophisticated brands- especially those selling premium fabrics or formal attire. A little research on how your competitors are executing their online content can help you gauge the appropriate direction for your photography.

(FYI: We work closely with trusted industry agencies and can guide you in the right direction towards building a perfect team tailored around your brief. This includes modelling agencies, stylists and HMUA’s).

Essential Planning tools

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Following a planned schedule is vital when working against the clock, predominately in studio spaces where time slots have been strictly allocated. Our team have had years of experience working on fashion shoots, which means we can give you a near accurate idea of how long your shoot should take. The more information we have on your guidelines and briefs, the more precise our estimation is. There’s a few simple tips and tools we recommend using to help structure an organised day.

Shoot lists

Use Excel to create a log of all the merchandise that requires shooting. In columns divided by the style of shot, use tick boxes to indicate the type of shot necessary (i.e. the column titles could be full body shot or close up detail).


Take photographs of outfits paired with the models’ name, so they can be printed and placed clearly for your stylist to see. This avoids any confusion during the shoot, making it clear for all team members to spot any errors throughout the day.

Staying Focused

Allocate a member of your team to have their eyes focused on the screen as the photographer is working. This team member should let the photographer know once they feel they’ve got the shot, or constructively communicate directly to the models on set.

We hope this was a useful guide for helping you prepare before an on-model shoot if you have any queries or questions, no matter how small- let us know as we’re happy to help! You can contact us via e-mail on [email protected] or 0208 454 7202. Alternatively, head over to our FAQ page which features a section on Fashion shoots.