Gif and stop motion photography.

Giving your images some movement and visual interest. GIF’s are a great way to engage your audience and make your product imagery perform better.

Engaging digital content.

It’s important to have a range of content across your sites, and at Blend, we love creating a variation of digital work. For us, GIFs are the perfect combination of video and stills. Short enough to be perfectly placed within our world of fast-paced social media, but long enough to tell a story. They’re eye-catching and attention gripping, and are sure to impress your customers. 

If you have an idea or want us to get creative with your products, call us today to see how we can elevate your product photography and produce the content you need today.

The process.

At Blend we have created Gif’s for esteemed clients such as TK Maxx, Creed Fragrances and The North Face. We love translating big ideas into smaller sequences, using props and backgrounds to bring life to a product. Our GIFs are perfect to engage your clients at delivering brand messages. We always take the time to plan out the image progression, and use our extensive understanding of stills photography to ensure the every frame is perfectly lit and composed. 

Once shot, your Gif’s will go through our in-house retouching department, ensuring the final result looks immaculate from start to finish. 

You’ll most often see our Gifs on Instagram or Facebook, but they’re also perfect for websites and e-newsletters. 

Best in the business.

At Blend we pride ourselves on our constant ability to produce high quality work, no matter what.
We are renowned as one of the best, in London and the UK, and strive to always improve and give our clients more.

Our product photography is powered by years of experience. We have the skills to individually tailor lighting to each and every project, so your images look exactly as you want them. This, combined with a strong team and high spec equipment, all ties together to deliver stunning results every time.

If you’re looking for simple, e-commerce images we work efficiently to ensure these all appear consistent – both in photography and retouch. However we also love to take on more creative projects, where we can bring emotion and a story to your brand. Whatever your vision, we can cater to your photographic needs.


Want to work together?

Give our friendly team as much information on your project as possible so that they can tailor a quote to your needs or answer any questions you may have.