Welcome Oscar to the London Photography Team

When working in a studio environment, it is important for us to cultivate new talent. A fresh set of eyes can often challenge how you view and produce photography, whilst helping them to develop their skills you can learn new ways of best utilising your own talents.

The following short introduction is written by Oscar

I was seven when I got my first camera; it was a bright purple disposable number that came tumbling out of my cereal box one morning at breakfast and from that moment photography has been my main interest.
It wasn’t until university where I joined a student ran agency that covered campus-based events, did I fist flirt with the idea of being a photographer in a professional capacity.

Joining the team here at Blend has been a fantastic experience and provided a pretty unique learning environment for me to develop as a photographer. There are very few areas of photography that strike as good a balance between the technical and the artistic as studio photography. Being London based is invaluable, with the number of galleries and exhibitions held every month there are no excuses for lack of inspiration! The team has been incredibly supportive in getting me up to speed and is a treasure trove of talent and experience that I utilise every day.

Probably my favourite things to shoot in the studio are creative still life images. There’s something about the total control you have over the final image and how closely you can match it to the original image you conceived in your head that I find extremely rewarding. Outside of the studio, I enjoy street and travel photography, and I hope to explore both properly at some stage in my career.

I’m excited about the future here at the studio and the part I play in it, as we strive to bring photography of the highest quality to our clients on a daily basis.