Fashion Photography Techniques –  Invisible or Ghost Mannequin

You might be wondering how invisible mannequins work, or how we found a modelling agency for ghosts? Sadly, there’s no agency involved, but there are some retouch magic and our dedicated photographers who help achieve a perfectly styled garment.

We’ll let you into our dirty little secrets regarding Invisible/Ghost Mannequins. Two things you have to know from the outset is that they’re not invisible nor are there any ghosts involved!

So to explain further here are some tips you’ll need to ensure you’re happy with our clothing photography.

We’ll take the brief
Our team will communicate with you before we begin shooting. This way we have an exact understanding of how you want your clothing to be styled and what type of lighting you’re looking for. If it is the first time that you’re having your clothing photographed, we recommend finding visual examples or create mood-board, for us to work from. You can do this via Pinterest, which, if you need to create those mood boards is a great (free) tool.

We spend time making sure that your garment sits flawlessly on our mannequins. Clothes are steamed and styled symmetrically, so there are no noticeable creases. For a more ‘slim fit’ we use a combination of styling pins or clips to hold extra fabric. For finer materials like silk, we use soft cotton filling or paper for subtle padding. However, if you want your garment to appear more natural – we can create movement by adjusting material on the mannequin’s body for a more relaxed fit. Small details matter, and we’re happy to make sure that every stitch is in the right place.

Our Mannequin Sizes:

Male Mannequins:

Mannequin 1 Torso:
Chest 38”
Neck 16”

Mannequin 2 Full Body:
Chest 39”
Neck 17.5”
Waist 34”
Hips: 39″
Inside Leg 34″

Mannequin 3 Full Body:
Chest 39”
Neck 17”
Waist 35”
Hip: 41″
Inside Leg 30

Female Mannequins

Mannequin 1 Full Body:
Height: 5’1” /157cm
Bust: 33” /83cm
Waist: 25.5” / 64.7cm
Hips: 33”/ 83.8cm
Arm Length: 27” / 68.5cm
Inside Leg: 32”/ 81cm

Mannequin 2 Full body:
Height: 4.9″  / 150cm
Bust: 34.5″ / 88cm
Hips: 34.5″ / 88cm
Arm Length: 25.5″ / 65cm
Inside Leg:  34.5″ / 88cm

Mannequin  3 “Plus” Size:
Bust: 42”/ 106.6cm
Waist: 35”/ 88.9cm
Hips: 42”/ 106.6cm
Inner Leg: 34”/ 86cm
Arm Length: 22”/55.8cm
Height: 5’3”/163cm

Children Mannequin:
Age 3/4
Height: 2’6”/82cm
Chest: 20.8”/53cm
Waist: 20”/51cm

Age 9/10
Height: 4’ /123cm
Chest: 25”/65cm
Waist: 22” / 56cm

Retouching your clothing Images
The clothes will then go over to our retouch department. There’s just so much that can be done in post-production these days. If required, we can manipulate the images to the desired shape, ease creasing and ensure we deliver the picture of your garment that meets your expectations.

So there you go, please don’t tell everyone. A little bit of magic along with plenty of skill and experience go into producing your invisible mannequins.