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Jewellery Photography London

Stunning high-end imagery at a price you can afford; jewellery photography made in our studio is one of our key strengths at Blend. This is arguably the most challenging of all kinds of photography, as it requires a highly skilled approach.

Our London-based jewellery photographers are experts at creating stunning high-end, high-quality jewellery images, using specialist light-shaping tools to give metal surfaces definition, make gemstones sparkle and bring colours to life.

Our respected jewellery photographers take as much pride in their work as you do, appreciating the need to define every angle and highlight the beauty and craftsmanship of each piece.

Choose our high end London based luxury watches and jewellery photographers.

For hassle free advice on your jewellery photography, please call our studio on 020 8454 7202.


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Jewellery Photography and Studio For All Your Needs

Whether your requirements are for websites, magazine, advertising campaigns, catalogues or brochures, we have the experience to make sure that your new images will impress customers, attract purchases and showcase your jewellery at its best.

We’ve produced exceptional prints for catalogues, promotional material and a range of other uses, working to bring out the depth of colour and clarity of stones by using a knowledge of jewellery lighting that is second to none.

Our jewellery photography clients include many top brands and wholesalers as well as small independent stores. We provide every client – large or small – with an exceptional level of personal attention to make sure that you feel confident of the end result and that your jewellery is safe in our hands.

Are you looking for creative jewellery photography? We know how to shoot and we have all accessories plus right background to take photos of gold or silver jewellery.

Request our jewellery photography rate card

We won’t charge you outrageous prices on your jewellery photography. We try to keep our costs as competitive as possible and we provide lower costs on larger orders. Please enter your email in the following box and we will send you our rate card.

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High end Jewellery Photography London 03High end Jewellery Photography London 02High end Jewellery Photography London 01
Jewellery Photograpy for Whistle and Bango _23
Jewellery Photograpy for Whistle and Bango _15Jewellery Photograpy for Whistle and Bango _14Jewellery Photograpy for Whistle and Bango _13
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Silver Jewellery Photography by Blend_03Silver Jewellery Photography by Blend_02Silver Jewellery Photography by Blend_01
Watch Photography London Titan Black-f
Watch Photography London Titan Black-03Watch Photography London Titan Black-02Watch Photography London Titan Black-01
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Jewellery Photography London
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