Bespoke Photography

Here at Blend, we appreciate every detail that goes into making beautiful jewellery, and we ensure that our photography portrays exactly that. Each piece we are given to photograph is thought about individually with regards to its lighting, composition and bringing out the shine in every stone.

What’s so complicated?

It isn’t as easy as sitting a product inside of a light tent. Although this would illuminate the jewellery, it would result in washed out tones. The nature of reflective items also makes it difficult to define edges- so we take time with each jewel ensuring the final result is sharp, and no colour is ever lost.

When photographing jewellery, using the right equipment makes every difference. We use high- res cameras, keeping as much fine detail possible. Jewellery Photography requires an in-depth knowledge of understanding how and where to position lights around the jewel to display dimension in a stone’s shape.

Commitment can be scary…

Blend can especially understand being nervous if you’re a new business with multiple pieces to shoot. We’re confident in the work we produce- which is why we offer to test shoot your piece before you buy into a full shoot. Terms and conditions apply.

Pease visit our Jewellery Photography page for further information.