Blend Studios Rebrand Announcement

It’s all very exciting, Packshot and Stills, our previous guise, has evolved into something bigger and better – Blend Studios.

As well as the name change, we have built this new website that showcases the quality and expertise in creating fantastic image solutions for you.

You may have been redirected to us from our previous website url, if so, don’t worry we are still here. We’re still physically in the same location, Kentish Town, London and you’ll still receive the level of service that you expect from us.

Why have we bothered to rebrand?
1. We always felt that the name Packshot and Stills was perhaps very limiting
2. We don’t just do Packshots
3. And we won’t just do Stills!
4. We are a versatile multi-disciplined image creative agency, hence why we have chosen the name Blend. Blend is defined as:
“a mixture of different substances or other things”.  That’s exactly what we believe we can offer, a multi-disciplined Creative image solution for your brand.

Of course we still more than happy to do your packshots but we want you to know what else we also offer in our London photography studio:

  • Complete digital content solutions for your brand
  • Creative Shoots
  • Still Lifes’
  • Look Books
  • Campaign Photography
  • 360 Photography
  • Fashion Photography Packages –  Including models & make-up artist hire
  • Creative Image Consultancy

We would be happy to discuss any requirements you have,  call us on 020 7267 5055.