Our lovely friends over at Garbanzo gave us a creative and crunchy brief for the launch of their new wholesome snack range. Alongside with product shots, we sat down and curated ideas for their advertisement campaign. We knew that their theme would tie into health, weight loss and needed to be captivating. After eating copious amounts of Wasabi chickpeas, we finalised our ideas and began shooting.

We’ve been shooting product photography for years and felt confident in the process we needed to take to photograph the Garbanzo packets. Their packaging comes in a silky matte material and features a small opaque panel. The client asked for as clean as possible packaging. 

To achieve this, the packaging and chickpeas were shot separately, so that we were able to style the arrangement of the peas. Later, our post production team composited the two separate images and reduced as much creasing as would be natural.  

Campaign Shots
For the advertisement campaign, the Garbanzo team brought together their creativity with London Graphic Designer Polly Playford, who art directed the entire shoot. As photographers, it’s always good to work with established art directors who we can work with closely in producing client’s vision. Polly had created rough drawings and layouts prior to the shoot and had a clear idea of the direction Garbanzo needed to take with the campaign. 


The shots were predominately used for advertising features in various food magazines. There is so much competition in the health world, and creating a campaign that would stand out amongst others was a task that needed to be handled with enough planning and research.  

We gravitated towards more of a conceptual idea and agreed that this would be the most refreshing perspective to take. Polly’s research led us to keeping towards bolder colour palettes; using our technical skill- we achieved a lighting that would highlight the texture of each ingredient, whilst keeping the vibrancy in colour.

Working with the Garbanzo team was a pleasure, and we’re always happy to help construct our client’s vision into a final piece of commercially viable advertisement. Having Polly art direct the project, alongside with a passionate team of people was the key ingredient to a successful shoot.