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Scent to sell: effective perfume bottle photography

Are you looking for tips on perfume bottle photography?  Blend has photographed some of the world’s most beautiful perfume bottles and our experienced team understands how to distil the product into a perfect image.  Here are our top tips!

Why you need to plan your perfume photography

It isn’t just a photograph of a perfume bottle.  It’s an image of the scent’s style and personality; so your perfume photography needs extremely careful planning. In an age when people are spending their time and money in the social media arena, enticing product imagery has become vital.  Perfume advertising photography, once limited to magazine pages, is jostling for attention.  The pictures that go viral are original, witty, or addictively inspirational.  So how do you begin crafting perfume bottle photography that will make an impact? As ever, success hinges on your customer analysis.  If you have a sound understanding of your audience, including their values and desires, then you’re in a great place to start planning your perfume advertising.  You’ve already created a sensational perfume that your customer audience will love.  Now you need to identify the reasons they’ll buy it – and tap into them.  Is your perfume perfect for ambitious women?  Or for those whose confidence needs rejuvenating? If it’s seductive, powerful, or absolutely original, then your photography should leave the same impression. How do we do that?

Planning your perfume bottle photography shoot – top tips

  1. Research your competitors’ perfume advertising photography, but don’t mimic it – aim to better it.  The very best perfume photographs capture the scent’s spirit. So consider the uniqueness of your product.  List your perfume’s attributes and your brand values.  The image you want to create is vital information for your photographer.
  2. Perfume product photography tends to evoke a mood, which is often done through the use of light and shadow. A rich, sensual perfume may be bathed in a golden glow while a fresh and crisp scent would be suited to bright, youthful lighting. Lighting is the realm of experienced photographers, who can create any effect using professional equipment.  But the style of lighting can be recommended by you, according to the personality of the fragrance.  At Blend, we individually tailor the lighting for each and every product shot.  So give some thought to your lighting needs before arriving at the studio.
  3. Background and selectively-chosen props can help to enhance the mood that you’re striving for. A sultry background suits a night-time fragrance, while a box full of rosy pears might be perfect for a springtime scent. The colours and detail of your perfume bottle should be considered as part of the palette, which must be consistent with the brand overall; remember that the resulting pictures will take their place on your website, so they’ll have to fit in.  While props can add humour and character, it is important that the props won’t become overwhelming.  The star of the show is your perfume bottle.
  4. Be creative: an image that causes people to take a second look gives you more of their time. Perfume bottles have been shot against blooming roses, naked skin, desert sands, and papercut apples. Almost anything is fair game.  Take off the lid, show the packaging, add a surprising prop that reflects the perfume’s ingredients.  Style your perfume bottle as part of a ‘story’: perhaps it has prime position on a dressing table with other treasures, or it has been unwrapped in haste and joy.  Make your perfume bottle look like something else using an optical illusion or disguise – that’s one way to cause the browser to stop and pay attention to your perfume photography!
  5. Having obtained a truly beautiful perfume bottle photograph, a good photographer continues the work in post-production. You can add or enhance colours at this point. Some features can be added, such as an evocative ‘splash’ or cloud to represent the scent.
  6. If you’re using social media, don’t be restricted to perfume product photography. Consider creating photographs that show the inspiration or ingredients for your perfume. For a young market, a fashion shoot might be a good direction, although influencers might create their own imagery that supports your launch.

Realistic and imaginative perfume product photography.

At Blend, we specialise in product photography.  Our experienced team is accustomed to working with an exacting brief to create images that are compelling and refined. We’ve recently shot perfume bottles for The Body Shop and Sunnamusk fragrance, and our studio is equipped with state of the art technology to give you the most beautiful results.  We design the lighting in consultation with you, to give every product the attention it deserves.  And after the photoshoot our team works on the pictures to perfect them.  If you’re looking for perfume product photography with a high-end finish, you can rely on Blend.  Give us a call or contact us to review our rate card.