Product Photography

Last Minute Brief Needn't Be Stressful

Last week we got a call from a frantic prospective client.

The story goes that the previous day she went to another photographic company and they “weren’t up to it”.

Apparently, the images were all yellow and just not at all the quality she was expecting. She was asking if we could squeeze her job in because images had to be with a PR company ASAP.

Well, it just so happened we had a small window last Friday afternoon, and we were only too pleased to help.

The client came down with the products. She needed a shot of the full range showing some in the packaging some out, paying attention to the glitter on the surface of the boxes. We styled and photographed her products, and I’m pleased to say that the client was delighted with our work.

The moral of the story – don’t go anywhere else for your product photography, Please do come to us first. You’ll be surprised at just how reasonable we are, and we also know what we’re doing  ;-).