Professional Retouching & Why It Increases Sales

In creating quality images that sell, It’s vitally important to get the right retouchers on board. It’s a misconception that retouching isn’t as important as the actual taking of the picture. It is.

Indeed, in a perfect world, everything would be just fine “out of camera”. Sadly, often this is not the case. There are always elements of a photograph that will need the skills of a professional retoucher involved. These guys can really make a huge difference to the image.

What does a retoucher do?

On a day-to-day basis, you might find our retouchers performing the following tasks.

Clothing Photography
Cut out items from Background
Combining images to create Invisible Mannequins by
Removal of creases
Reshaping elements
Colour Matching
Colour Changes

Fashion and Beauty Photography
Clean Up Background
Clean up Skin Imperfections
Clean Up Stray Hair
Reshape clothing/model.
Brighten eyes
Tidy Up Clothing
Change tone of image to suit Brand guidelines
Crop Images to particular size

Product Photography
Clean up Scratches
Remove or move elements
Background Clean-up
Change Background Colour or even put item on new background
Change colour or tone of the product
Add highlights/shadow

So why choose the team at Blend Studios to retouch your work?

At Blend Studios, we have a fully trained retouching team to take care of all the post-production work.

Our highly skilled retouchers know how to produce the perfect image. With their years of experience, they can recognise what needs to be done and how to achieve it. We use the industry standard application, Photoshop. It’s a complicated beast of a programme, and without a thorough knowledge, you’ll only be using a small fraction of its power. As professionals, we know exactly how to make the most of it.

On occasions, having an over-worked image is as bad as having no retouching at all. Often with careless retouching, small details are overlooked- which can, in turn, affect your business. Getting the balance right to ensure a natural looking finish is invaluable to making your products or clothing look it best.

Whatever you need shot we’ll ensure consistency, continuity and quality between each image. Poorly retouched work can be misleading to your customers, resulting in the lack of conversations or an influx of unwanted returns. So if you want those extra sales why don’t you call in the professional.