Retouching and post-production.

Your images will always be with you four working days after a shoot, but we can work to your needs and offer 24, 48 and 72 hour turn-arounds as well. During the entire process our team will liaise with you to ensure you are happy with the final outcome.

Taking your images
to the next level.

At Blend Studios we are committed to producing high quality visual content, and our work ethic doesn’t end after the final shot. Our retouch team are responsible for bringing your images to life whether this is retouching a beauty campaign, producing elegant catalogue shots or creating vibrant social media posts.

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Retouching services.

Cosmetic and Fragrance Studio London


Looking for clean, professional images of your latest product? Our retouchers can deliver high end results no matter what your requirements. From large quantities of cut-outs to luxury still life, our team work efficiently through various stages to produce seamless results.


Focusing on flawless skin, clean up of hair and clothes, and an even background – your model images are guaranteed to look immaculate. A combination of high attention to detail and skilled techniques mean your model will look naturally radiant – beautifully presenting your product or new clothing line. Our retouchers can work to whatever level of editing you require, ensuring the service is tailored to your needs.


Designed to truly show off your collection, our team meticulously work to create images that look pristine. With special attention paid to aspects such as colour correction, dust and scratch removal, reflections and added shine your pieces are bound to attract buyers.

Post Production Experts....

A short of video of the type of work our team carry out on a day to day basis.

Before and after.


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