The quintessentially British brand, Chester Barrie handed us an opportunity to collaborate with their stylists for their AW2016 Collection.

Respecting their classic tailoring and beautiful fabrics, a fine attention to detail was made through specific lighting techniques, perfect for clothing photography.

Clothing Photography in our London Studio

A set of 3 images was produced for each suit. The first is a styled mannequin shot where Chester Barrie’s stylists pieced together a contemporary look for the upcoming AW2016 season. Secondly, we photographed knitwear and suit trousers ‘flat lay’, keeping strict attention to aligning seams and consistent folds.The other set included a closer detail shot of knitwear and jacket interiors. By using directional lighting for our jacket close up, light was able to fall naturally on the interior, gently highlighting peaks of the fabrics ripple to accentuate its silky texture, thus naturally causing a shadow to generate dimension. The same technique was used for focusing on the knitwear’s stitching pattern and cuff detail.

With the vision of Chester Barrie’s stylists on board, our knowledgeable photographers and a well equipped studio- we feel has created sophisticated visuals for their new seasons collection.