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Toy Photography - It's Play Time.

When first time client, 100 Toys came to use asking for some of their product to be shot, none of us, given the company name, quite expected the quantity of products. 100 toys –  Not quite! When we finally counted all the items,  It became immediately apparent that we would be photographing more than 300 toys. We set about pulling the resources necessary to the completing the task on time and within budget. This includes admin staff, photographers, photography assistant/digital operator and retouchers. Many of the products required multiple images at different angles, so it was important for us to allocate one sole photographer to maintain brand and photographic consistency across all the images. On a job of this size to achieve an efficient workflow, we also had a digital operator assigned to the job. Their role is to oversee colour matching of products and file naming, a position that becomes increasingly important as the number of images increase. By the end of play, we photographed just short of 750 images for use across all media, e-commerce, catalogues and press. With the photography finished we could concentrate in earnest on the post production of the project. With a large job,  it was critical that as with the other stages of the project, the retouching progresses as seamlessly as possible. The images are exported as high-resolution tiffs at the end of each day and “cut out” from the background with any marks removed whilst photography continues. This process enables us to turn the project around as quickly as possible. As you can see here at Blend Studios, we have dedicated teams capable of fulfilling all jobs, large and small. From our administration team to photographers and retouching department we have the capacity to perform any size of project.