Video services.

Whether it’s a simple walk on walk off or a full production project, we have the skills and equipment to deliver high quality video content for your brand.

Let's produce great video.

In an increasingly fast paced world, video is on the rise to dominating media and digital content. It’s instant, accessible nature, and ability to direct a lot of information efficiently to the customer means it is now essential to include video on online platforms. This has been proven to boost engagement between brand and audience.

At Blend we can cater to any of your video needs, whether this is a 10 second instagram marketing clip, or e-commerce footage of your latest clothing collection.

Lights, camera, action.

Got an idea for a video? We’ve got the team, equipment and skills to deliver it!

Our team of passionate filmmakers, photographers and editors continue to create high quality brand videos to clients big & small.

If you’ve got an idea or a plan, send it our way. We can help you with advice on your next project and inform you of costs and schedules to get your video delivered on time and within budget.

The Blend Team have many years of experience as well as a fresh, creative approach to everything we do. We will keep you informed every step of the way and have a genuine interest in our clients’ needs.

Video Services London Mens Fashion

Fashion and ecommerce.

Video engagement is vital in the process of buying, so much so that 57% of consumers rely on video content to make a purchase – thus making it necessary to include on your website.  Perfect for capturing the movement and shape of garments, “walk on, walk off” video is a popular addition to e-commerce photography for your website. We also offer 360 videos of products and jewellery, which allows customers to see every angle and detail. 

Creative & branding.

Our team are dedicated to creating footage that stands out and makes an impact. Video has the ability to bring concepts to life, and by creating content that tells a story, or is cleverly edited, your brand will reap the benefits. This sort of content can be displayed on social media to catch an audiences attention, or on a landing page of your website.

We can adapt your project to meet your budget and always deliver our services with a smile.

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Video Services London Mens Fashion
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